Announcing OmniLive 2.0

Announcing OmniLive 2.0

The next iteration of the Live Sync workflow

Here is an Overview of OmniLive

OmniLive improves on collaborative workflows in Omniverse by making collaboration a non-destructive interaction, improved performance, and improved user awareness. OmniLive is built on top of the base files, which means, changes are not committed from a live session to the base file until the session owner chooses to. Performance with OmniLive is also improved resulting in replication as a smoother experience. Live Session owners and users of Live session are now more aware of whom they are working with and with what application they are contributing from. Notifications help to keep participants aware of who is joining and leaving Live collaborative sessions.

Documentation and videos about OmniLive can be found here.

Brief video comparing old Live vs OmniLive 2.0


The old connectors (versions prior to 200.0) will not be able to Live Sync with Create 2022.2.0, you need to upgrade to a connector version 200 or newer. And if you upgrade to connector v200+ you need to be using Create 2022.2.0 or newer. Please read the FAQ for more details.

Release schedule

OmniLive features are rolling out starting today with Create 2022.2.0 Beta and several connectors, Unreal, Maya (legacy), and 3ds Max. The connector version increased to the 200 series signifying the use of Client Library 2 and the OmniLive 2.

Release timeline:

Developer Resources

The Connect Sample v200.0 includes a large update to the Omniverse Client Library version 2. You can download the Connect Developer Samples v200.0 from the Omniverse Launcher.

This change impacts Connector Development in these ways:

  • Omniverse dependencies are retrieved differently
  • The USD Resolver may need to be initialized separately
  • API changes
  • Live sync changes
  • USD version changes

Please check out the links to documentation resources below and if you have any questions please post on the Omniverse Developer Forums or contact us on Discord.

Omniverse Connect Team

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Additional Links for the Maya and 3dsMax 200 release for easy access.

Maya 200.0 Release
3dsmax 200.0 Release