Live Connection between Create & Revit

Hi All,

Is anyone having issues connecting Revit & Create in a live session? I open the live sync toggle in Revit but when I try to do the same on create it asks for a live session name. I have viewed the new live feature video but they only explain on Maya which has a different process than Revit, unless I am missing something.


Hello @Mohamed_Adel! I’ve pinged the dev team about this. Do you know what version of Revit and Create you are using?

Thanks for your response @WendyGram. It was Revit 2022 and Create 2022.2.2

Hello Mohamed,

You have to roll back to 2021 release of Create. Our Revit connector with live sync doesn’t work with 2022 yet. We will have fix for that out soon.


Thanks for the instant response!