Cannot share Live Session Link in Omniverse

I set up Nucleus server on my local PC and have sharing enabled. I have a scene in Omniverse Create loaded from Nucleus and can start a Live Session, however I do not have the option in the Live button drop down to “Share Session Live Link” as described in help Live Session Management — extensions latest documentation.
Any help greatly appreciated.

@mitch2844 which DCC are you wanting to set up a live link with?

I am in Omniverse Create scene and want to invite other people to collaborate. According to the docs, the dropdown arrow next to “Live” button should provide dialog box with the ability to copy link. From help docs:
"It is very easy to invite another person to the Live Session you are currently in.
From the Live button in the upper right of any Omniverse Application, click on the Live drop down menu and select Share by Link. Simple give this link by sending/pasting it to another user."

This option does not appear as shown below


part of my process to share live sessions is to first have a USD file on the Nucleus server (in my case, i use localhost), and once i have that file opened, you will be able to see additional information include ‘Share Session Link’ (see below)


but before you can share the session link, you will want to create a session first (you can either do that in your DCC or directly from the OV app of your choosing). this is where you can specify your session name.


once that is done, you will be in a live session and able to see who else is in your session next to the ‘Live’ button. (“AD” as in admin, which is myself)


from this point on, the video demonstration from the doc should be able to walk you through what you are looking for.

in retrospect, i can only speculate that not having an active USD file on the Nucleus server was the reason you did not see those options to choose from. for example, if you only have an empty scene to begin with that’s not saved OR if the saved USD file is on your local drive on your system, you won’t be able to share your session.

Thanks for the suggestion. My USD is/was on Nucleus (localhost). I even launched Create/composer from the file in Nucleus. I still don’t get the “Share session” or “Join with session link” options like you show above.

just curious - does it happen to any USD files on Nucleus? also, can you take a screenshot of the Nucleus tab of the OV Launcher?

do you mind mentioning the version of Composer you are using as well as your workstation spec?

yes. works same for all USD files on Nucleus. Omniverse Create 2022.3.3

can you upload the most recent log file found in C:\Users\<USER>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\USD.Composer? (assuming you are on Windows) and this is just in case it provides any tipbits for the dev to look into at a later time.

i don’t think this would make a difference, but i would probably still recommend an update to the latest version of Composer (2023.1.1)

can you also confirm if you are experiencing the same problem using USD Presenter?

Hi, I upgraded to Composer 2023.1.1(beta) and this resolved the problem. I can now create a Shared Session.

Thanks so much for your help.

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fantastic, thanks for reporting back 👍

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