Multi-user collaboration - request for a proper Documentation / Video request

Hi all,
me and my collegue have a rather big project to deal with in a small matter of time. We are trying hard to use a live sessions but it is still so confusing. It is a building, where I want to focus on the facade animation and he is working on the top terrace part. We are struggling with saving the changes, properly closing the live session (without loosing changes done during live). I’ve watched a couple of videos while developer are using live session but I feel it is still not explained well enough.

Any kind of learning resource, advice would be highly appreciated!

I just read this one too OmniLive Workflows — Omniverse Create documentation

Although, by leaving the session by “End and merge”, we were still loosing all the changes made during the live session, also some od the Deltas were still there. Sometimes by ending session it basically took us back to whatever we did before starting a new live session.

I am really confused.

Hello @karol.osinski! I’ve sent your request in for better video tutorials and documentation on Multi-User Collaboration. I’ve also asked for some assistance from the dev team to help you answer your questions.

If you haven’t already, I’d like to also suggest that you join our Discord Community at Where you can chat with the community to get some help during your live sessions!

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Hi karol.osinski,
Could you by chance record a short video of your merge with the layer stack and send it directly and we can see where this went awry.

Generally speaking, it sounds like some of your delta changes have changes that are stronger than you’d like them to be causing some edits to appear masks or not happening. A video, or step by step with some images could be useful here to diagnose.