Maya (Native) Omniverse Connector Updates

This topic is to announce releases and updates regarding the Maya(Native) Omniverse Connector. Documentation is here and the FAQ to go over the differences with Maya (Legacy) Connector is here

Today we release the Maya(Native) Omniverse Connector. This is new Maya Connector is compatible with and builds on top of the standard Autodesk Maya USD plug in. This unlocks all the goodness that is part of Maya USD. Our first version of this is an early preview. With it you can open USD files on Omniverse and save them back to Omniverse. We’ll continue to build this out bringing features over from our Maya(Legacy)Connector in the following releases.

Please see the FAQ, Maya Documentation, and Maya(Native) release notes.

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Maya (Native) 206.0 has been released to the Omniverse Launcher. With this version of our Maya (Native) Connector we have made some great improvements.

  • Maya 2023 support
  • Maya USD plug in .19 support
  • Ability to export Maya Scenes to Omniverse using the standard Maya USD export options.

Please see the full release notes
Please see the FAQ for the differences between Maya (Native) and (Legacy) Connectors.

Art shown is Old Tram Memphis 3D model by DRONNNNN95 and can be found here