Live-link does is not so "live" anymore (?)

Hi all,
I remember few weeks ago I gave a try to Maya Live-link and it worked rather smoothly between both applications. I installed the newest Maya Legacy Connector for Maya 2022 (I can’t get it working in Maya 2023 after endless attempts).

Now, everytime I change anything inside Maya, the .usd does not update until I go back to Create and click Fetch in the pop-up window.

I am I missing something?


Hi Karol!

Can you tell us what version of the maya connector you are on? (this is available in the about section of the connector.)

Currently, we need to be on a version 200+ connector of maya to work with Create 2022.2+.

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Hi Dane!
I am on Maya 2023.1.
I am on 103.4.0 because once I update do 200.1.0 version of the Connector it dissapears from Maya. I tried to re-install it multiple times already, as well as manual installation directly from the AppData ov folder.

btw maya usd plugin is unloaded during the connector installation.