Omniverse Connect Sample Updates


  • Update the Omniverse Client Library fix an issue with overlapping file writes


  • HelloWorld sample that demonstrates how to:
    • connect to an Omniverse server
    • create a USD stage
    • create a polygonal box and add it to the stage
    • upload an MDL material and its textures to an Omniverse server
    • bind an MDL and USD Preview Surface material to the box
    • add a light to the stage
    • move and rotate the box with live updates
    • print verbose Omniverse logs
    • open an existing stage and find a mesh to do live edits
  • OmniCLI sample that exercises most of the Omniverse Client Library API


  • Add Linux package for the Omniverse Launcher
  • Add a Python 3 Hello World sample
  • Update the Omniverse Client Library to 1.13
  • Update to Python 3.7 (we continue using USD 20.08)
  • Add a Nucleus Checkpoint example
  • Add the ability to create/access a USD stage on local disk in the Hello World sample