Issue with Grasshopper Connector for Omniverse: "Unable to Open Stage" Error


I recently began using the Grasshopper plugin for Omniverse and initially, everything functioned smoothly, including the live sync feature during my first project session. However, I’ve encountered a problem when trying to reconnect to a previously established live session project.

To detail my workflow: I use the OmniBrowser component to locate the .usd file and then attempt to connect it to the OmniGrasshopper component for live synchronization. Unfortunately, this process results in an error message stating “Unable to open stage”. I am currently operating on the latest version of the plugin (Build 200.1.271).

For reference, I followed the steps outlined in this tutorial: Overview of Live Sync in Grasshopper Connector.

I’m unsure if this is a bug or if I’m missing a step in the process. While the tool is impressive, I’ve noticed a lack of extensive documentation and tutorials, which makes troubleshooting challenging. Any assistance or insights from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

@ZekeZ i am just another OV user attempting to help, but which OV app are you using to do the livesync with the grasshopper connector? Composer or Presenter (and what are the version you are using with respective OV app)?

i am not a grasshopper connector user, but i noticed the parent file entry from grasshopper differs from the path mentioned in the error message, where as the video showed the file was first opened in OV Presenter, then set the usd file in grasshopper before activating livelink. so if you can elabroate more on your step by step process, it’d be helpful.

Hi @Simplychenable , thank you for your reply.
I am using both Composer2023.2.2 and Presenter2022.3.7 and attempting to connecting both seems to gives the same error. I personally think this is more of a Grasshopper’s Omniverse connector issue, because using Rhino3D’s Omniverse connector seems to works fine, as shown in the screenshot bellow. I don’t know maybe I am missing something.

Following is my procedures to replicate:

  1. Open up the .usd in the project root with Presenter
  2. In Grasshopper, using OmniBrowser, selected the usd file under {ProjectRoot}>ProjectFile>{ChildName}>{ChildName}.gh.usd
  3. Connecting the Project/Prop Path and Child Name output to OmniGrasshopper component and click sync button on top of the component.
  4. Error shows up.

This may be because you have a “.” in the name. If you have to, use an “_”. So “landscape_project.usd”.

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Wow, changing the name actually did the trick—it’s running smoothly now. The file names come from the Grasshopper connector, it’d be cool if they could fix that. But for now, just fixing them myself works fine. Thanks a ton for this! I was banging my head against the wall for hours.

Great thanks

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