Third party plugin integration with Rhino Connector

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@WendyGram I wanted to send PM to discuss possibility of integrating third party plugin however it seems I’m unable to send PMs on the forum. Anyway, so if things go public I wanted to ask if there is an option to add to Connector couple of lines, so it could grab some more data for further work in Omniverse? I’m talking about a plugin which allows users to handle large amount of objects in Rhino, in model they see only a preview of it for eg. forest but real geometry is exported only at render time. That’s the reason why it would need separate handling.

Hello @D-W and Welcome!
(Not sure why you cannot send a PM, I’ll take a look.)

Great question! Let me reach out to the Rhino Development team.

if i understand you correct, that workflow is already supported. you can create a blocks in rhino that represent trees (or what ever you want) where the block only has a cylinder in it to represent the tree location , and then use the omniverseRhinoBlocktable.cvs file found in your documents/omniverse/rhino folder to map it to a high poly asset. i have tried this with 150k trees all mapped to million poly tree assets.

@WendyGram Thanks in advance!

@rcervellione mhm I understand but I’m talking about something more complex than quick test array - 150k objects in rhino document plus real building model basically mean the user will have to work at 2-4 fps which is not pleasant at least, besides that user is forced to enter the destructive way of modeling, plus manual swapping/mapping csv matrices.

Ok, the show must go on so let’s go with the details I’m the developer of the plugin called Rhino Nature - it is an advanced non-destructive scattering solution for Rhino. To grasp the real deal for Rhino users please check the trailer (to be clear I’m far from advertising here). I provide a very simple way to create a live connection between any “consuming” plugin to make use of what is created - this way if the user will change the distance in distribution he sees an instant update in his render (without any additional manual work) - atm V-Ray and Octane are fully integrated this way (few others are in WIP). I found some old screen captures for better explanation. That’s why I wanted to contact you in person, so we could for eg. set a video call and discuss/screen share to understand whats and whys.