MDL coming from Substance Designer

hi all,

my first question will be whether it is possible for Omniverse to accept MDL materials with multiple layers? Because the MDL normally accepts this configuration.
Let me explain, in Substance designer it is possible to add 4 materials in a row to export it later in one which can be used in Iray for rhino and it works perfectly.
I just tried it and it works but not totally.

In the example, it is a glass material where I add a glossy layer to increase the “layer” reflection. It works but some settings are not available in Omniverse, do you have any idea?

for substance designer is a MDL transparent template + simple glossy custom curve layer

increase the “reflexion” is ok but no change the parameter value

Hi @wawaron94. I have sent your post to the development team. Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi @wawaron94
Omniverse is capable of fully interpreting MDL. However, depending on which renderer you are using you might not be able to see all effects. The Realtime Renderer Create has some limitations to make it faster. Therefore you could see some features not working as expected. Iray rendering should work out of the box and look exactly the same as in Substance Designer. If there are issues, maybe you can provide us with the MDL file and the substance Project to take a closer look.

hi @Ruediger

I understand but I have concerns because the .MDL file is interpreted correctly in Iray for Rhino. The only parameter I have access to in Omniverse is the scatter, those surrounded in the image are not accessible.
EDIT: this material make Substance Designer 2019

I just tested the materials from the latest version of Substance Designer and opened it in Iray for Rhino. Indeed the writing must not be identical compared to the previous version (2019)

EDIT: i write post for iray for rhino build 422 has the same problem

Hello @wawaron94, Can you share your MDL file with us? The development team would like to test for a fix on our end.

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hi all

I managed to create the desired material in create but I still have a doubt about how the weight of the reflection is calculated?