LIVE SYNC OMNIVERSE to UNITY. + Local Utility disc creation

Successfully built bridge between UNITY and OMNIVERSE installed the path to the connector with the json package. Ran into trouble with Live Sync and keep getting an error message in UNITY when trying to EXPORT to OMNIVERSE. json package was installed correctly as OMNIVERSE panel does successfully appear in UNITY

im sure that ive also got a hangup creating a Local Host

Have downloaded ALLUSION iCLONE8 and Bentley havent [paid] for them yet - looking to do several things. Putting our robot in XR and USD in UNTY based shopping mall kitbash and want to give robot the [utility] we actually define it to have irl represented on XR plane. Giving it boundries [in the mall] is the easy bitm getting additional sensors to have aptitude in Omniverse is the other equation. Will our presence detection sensors - detect presence in Omniverse. Can certain crowd generated people be programmed to interact with robot. Robot to interact with them. Our sensors and mechanical systems and electronic sensors operating in Omniverse as they are being programmed to do on our end in whatever logic program theyre being done in before we begin to port that into OMNIVERSE

Which I’m looking forward to discerning - but like how do i plug the TDK INVENSENSE sensors we are getting with our camera functionality and lidar functionality plugging into a JETSON ORIN from someone like a ConnectTech to our robot which will be a lot like what we already build. Which if we include everything - will be [A Lot - A Lot] to accurately recreate in USD and where it ultimately [lives] program and software wise. Seems like the project itself could have several iterations in several programs - ultimately.

So getting hung up on [Exporting] a UNITY file to OMNIVERSE LOCAL HOST is something I’d obviously like to resolve 1st.

We do have our own logic boards as you see in LinkedIn posts - so the whole what do we do in USD, what do we do in XR, what do we do in ISSAC SIM, what do we do in ALLUSION & what do we do to maximize utility in one program and how do we get the UNITY kitbash assett to interact with our ISSAC SIM robot with our lidar, cameras, and INVENSENSE sensors beepin and boppin and functioning in an ISSAC SIM model with ALLUSION crowd questions can be answered [later] - can ALLUSION crowds interpretation of beepin & boppin of sensors and interaction with robot including kiosk aspect rendering & interacting correctly.

exporting kitbash from UNITY to OMNIVERSE is a good 1st step.

Super helpful

There is a lot of information here. Let’s take it one step at a time. So you are simply trying to export Unity to USD and USD Composer ? Did you start by installing the official Omniverse Connector ?

Yes - installed the connector with the json package and bridge link was [successfully] established

Its LIVE SYNC and establishing a LOCAL SERVER that ate giving me hangups.

When i open UNITY - the OMNIVERSE tab [is there] which means im connected by EXPORTING the UNITY file just doesnt happen

I am not sure about any bridge or package, but I do know that the launcher is the way to go. So make sure you have the launch installed you have the connector for unity installed from the launcher.

OK so assuming you have those let’s break it down. First of all, forget live workflow for now. Let’s focus of a simple file.

First thing I want you to do is use the Omniverse connector toolbor to export a simple model into USD. Now, open up USD composer and try to open the USD file. Does that work ?

Essentially that is our connector. Exporting data to usd so we can open it usd composer.

For live workflow it’s get more complicated. You first need to run through the same steps above. BUT you must make sure the usd file you save is inside your localhost nucleus server.

Then you hit the “Live” button on both Unity and usd composer. That should work. Let me know.


No the Omniverse connector toolbar [which is now present in UNITY] since I followed the steps in this video [is at least there and addressable] But when I go to Export a Unity file in the OMNIVERSE toolbar option the file just gets hung up and I get an error message and nothing goes anywhere

The json package I was talking about is what is explained in this video. I still need to create a Local Disk and one other thing that was alluded to in the end of this video. But the [Bridge itself] [has been built] between UNITY and OMNIVERSE so This shouldn’t be such a hangup

This video is Super helpful but i still have issues getting my file to Export to USD or anywhere in OMNIVERSE

What does this mean ? If you are talking about having a Nucleus localhost installed you need to do that to make this work. Please install Nucleus from the launcher by going to the Nucleus tab and hitting the + icon.

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