Unreal crashing on launch

ArcanumVR_2021_V3.log (258.5 KB) omni_un1

Failed to load Omniverse plugin / connector - I installed from Omniverse launcher

This crash is due to the fact that you’ve got both Epic’s USDImporter plugin and the Omniverse USD plugins enabled at the same time. They use different versions of the USD library, and unfortunately are incompatible at the current time. We are working to resolve this and hope to have a solution in the coming months.

If you wish to continue trying the Omniverse USD plugin, you can disable the USDImporter plugin in your project’s .uproject file with a block of text like this:

	"Plugins": [
			"Name": "USDImporter",
			"Enabled": false


can’t i just uncheck the usdimporter in the plugins

You can also simply uncheck the USDImporter plugin in the plugins window. I wasn’t sure if the editor was starting properly for you, so I wanted you to have a workaround in case it was not.