How do I install connector to other UE4 branches?

I have been using the Omniverse UE4 4.27 with success, opening a USD scene I originally created in Blender, then adjusted in Create and exported to a new USD to work with it in Unreal. Today I compiled the UE4 4.27 Nvidia Caustics branch as I wanted to experiment with it, but I am unable to use the Omniverse connector with it. I tried to open a copy of the project but of course it wouldn’t load all assets correctly without the extension. How can I proceed to install the connector on several branches? And, is there a way to import a USD project and then convert it entirely to local so that can be opened without the plugin and connector running? Thank you

The Omniverse Connector consists of three plugins (OmniverseUSD, MDL, and OmniverseGroom). If you copy those into your project or your 4.27 NVIDIA Caustics engine they should build and work properly. We ship the source with the prebuilt binaries for this very reason.

Thank you for your reply @LouRohan. I am copying the whole NVIDIA folder from Engine/Plugins/Editor from one engine folder to the other. There was already such folder in there of the same size after I run the install executable which I found in AppData\Local\ov\pkg\ue4-427-connector-103.3.167 and giving it the path to the caustics branch. Unfortunately I am getting the same result: at 75% of loading of the editor (I didn’t run a project, just the editor executable) I get this message:

Plugin ‘MDL’ failed to load because module ‘MDL’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.

I am not sure what it refers to when talking about modules, is there something else I should copy over? Thanks

You need to build the MDL, Omniverse, and OmniverseUSD plugins before they will run with the Caustics editor.

@LouRohan thank you. I will look into it, I honestly don’t understand much about building and managed to build this UE4 branch only thanks to a precise step-by-step video. I should be able to find my way with a few google searches though. Thank you for clarifying this for me, I appreciate it!

I searched the web in the past few evening and I didn’t manage to understand how to build MDL, Omniverse and OmniverseUSD plugins to run them with UE4 caustics build. Any help orstep by step guide would be highly appreciated. I guess I am not that far away from making it…