Bring in animations from UE character

Thanks DaneTrain and the mystical robot colleague - for you latest twitch:

I realized that I have been focusing almost entirely on camera issues, and that is just a little detail in your big vision about Omniverse Machinia, you want people to use all connectors and go on to characters.

You had a vision of fire dance! I have made one dance movie:

It has been screened at movie theater in 4K here in Helsinki, as part of dance movie festival Loikka. So I know many of these fire girls & other dancers :P and I can ask them to join again if we do a massive motion capture music video. I could mix and match real footage and Machinima rendered character animations & environments.

To start, I found this lovely character:

I got the basic “Phase” exported to Omniverse. Paragon_Phase/Content/ParagonPhase/Characters/Maps/Phase.umap:

Then I found this:
And if I export that to Omniverse, I got the animation in:

How cool is that!? Once again Machinima suprized me and mad my day!
But how can I get more of these animations from the UE to this same USD project in Machinima, so I can arrange more movements in timeline?

We are working towards using the Machinima USD schema for animation clips when we export from Unreal, but we’re not there yet.

As for getting more of these animations from UE, I haven’t tried this yet, but can you setup a level in UE with a bunch of skel meshes, all referencing a different animations that autoplay? If you export the level as USD you should have all of USD animations in an Animations folder. I think we also support right-click “Export to Omniverse” for animation uassets too if you want to try that.

Thanks for this workaround Lou. For now, I use cc3 characters, they are so much better to work with.