Ho to simulate crowd in Omniverse?

I created a digital twin of a city, I am trying to simulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the city. In the game engine such like UE4, I can easily achieve my goal by setting up some way points, spawn vehicles and pedestrians over the scene and let them move along the way points.

I’m not sure how I can do that in Omniverse, Nvidia Drive Sim seems perfect in this case, but I’d like to know how to build a system like this in Omniverse myself. If any one could guide me, I’d be grateful.

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Hi @renton.hsu.vfx. We’re currently working on animation systems to support this. You should hear more around Spring of next year!

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Hi Johny, that sounds great! I looking forward to it.

Before you release the new version of Omniverse that supports animation system, is it possible if I simulate the crowd behavior in UE4 and sneding the animated scene to Omniverse Isaac Sim for getting the synthetic data?

@renton.hsu.vfx, I have two different ideas for you that may try.

The Omniverse Unreal Connector can export level sequence and animation data. If your cars and pedestrians are moving using Level Sequence, then the meshes, materials, keyframes, and skel mesh animation should all export as USD and you might just have what you’re looking for. If you’re using a lot of Blueprint and other systems within Unreal to drive the motion that don’t export properly, you can always use the sequence recorder (or track recorder) to save actors’ motion in a level sequence. Once you’ve got a level sequence typically the export is smooth.

Another option would be something like Atoms Crowd, at one point I tested their crowd export to USD from their Unreal plugin and it worked really well.

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Thank you very much, what you said was really helpful. I’m gonna try it out. : )

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