UE4 Landscapes to Omniverse

From the documentation on the UE4 connector here it sounds like Unreal landscapes should be supported for export to Omniverse.
I’ve tried a couple of different landscapes today, and both froze my machine for several hours. In particular, I tried to export one of the levels in the marketplace Photorealistic Landscape Pack 3 which was one of epic’s ‘free for the month’ assets last year.
With the landscape actor deleted, a relatively large scene exports to Omniverse in 20secs or so. A single landscape on it’s own is at 35%, at full processor load, after nearly 2hrs.
Anyone had success / issues with UE4 landscapes?

Hi Alex, We improved landscape exporting at 100.3, but it’s still converted to USD mesh which is insane. We’re working on a better way by heightmap usd schema

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Alex, sorry for the large landscape mesh and how long it takes. If you’re interested in lower LOD landscapes (for visualization or whatever) you can use the editor’s Landscape actor’s ExportLOD property to export a smaller mesh.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I didn’t think the standard USD Schema supported heightfields. Am I wrong in this, or are you adding something custom?

No, there’s no built-in heightfield support in USD. We plan to use the compute graph feature in Kit/Create to generate geometry from a heightmap stored in USD and texture. There are some challenges in how we make this so as not to save the output geometry in the USD once viewed (lest the USD end up being massive).

Sounds good - look forward to testing it!