USD export of animation w/ physics from UE4

How does the UE4 connector go about handling export of physics?

Say I have an animation on a character with hair and/or bone physics and I export that into Omniverse, will the physics properties export alongside the animation data?
And if this is supported, is there anything additional that needs to be done to export animation clips with physics?

I realise one possible solution might be a round-trip workflow, but since Audio2Face (as of now anyway) can’t export back into UE4 I don’t think this solution is an option.

Hello @red2dvfx. I have forwarded your post to the dev team. We should hear back shortly. Thanks for reaching out to us!

We do not currently export collision data for Unreal SkeletalMesh PhysicsAssets. The only collision we’re exporting is what’s found in StaticMesh assets.

We’re working on a solution for importing Audio2Face USD facial animation controls for MetaHuman characters.