Exporting USD - Animation done in create?

I have done some camera animation and geo transform animation. I trying to get this into another DCC aka UE4, Houdini, or Blender. No animation data is incorporated in the exported USD file? Any ideas? Best Jerry

Hello @jerry.runheim! Thanks for your questions. I am working on finding you answers. I will post back here shortly!

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@WendyGram here is the piece of animation that’s been animated in Create. Due to the lack of animation curves, (not yet implemented in Create?) a functional export with USD and the transform would be super to be able to get more fine control.

Thank you @jerry.runheim! We know how badly we need the to support USD animation and animation curves. We’ve been working on that for awhile now and I am hoping to see it VERY soon.

Same issue here, we’ve been using omniverse create for a while now and we did most of the animation in it, only to realize we can’t play the animation in other DCCs (maya) or usdview.