A question about Blender USD Animation Cache and Layers?

Hello everyone, for the past months i’ve playing around a lot with Blender and Omniverse Create. And since then I’ve learned quite a lot about how things work with Omniverse and the Blender pipeline.

Here’s some animation i create

I have a view question regarding the Blender pipeline which is exporting the whole scene (including animation) into USD Package and i found that it’s a bit similar to an alembic, but more advance (THANK YOU!).

First, Animation Cache,

When a USD file has animation, it will become one with the mesh itself like alembic. In Blender if you import such item it will have a modifier for the object and all the settings for the Alembic/USD FIle

it has frame offset for playback and even frame override so i can play the exact frame i needed.
Does Create have such a thing? Maybe like adding it to sequencer or modifier stack like Blender or at least the setting in property of USD file/object like Frame range?
When i have a lot of different individual USD animation I’d like to have control over it in Create, since Create is like… a staging software for rendering and collaborating i guess?
So like if i have 2 characters and its animation i can retime the animation so the same motion can be played from a different angle (such as anime) or at different timing (so i retiming the animation on create).

Second, USD Layers for animation.
I learn that if you have two different USD animation of the same object and add it together in one USD (using USD Layer) it won’t make a new object, but it will stack the animation of the object and to see the different animation i need to toggle the layer visibly on and off. But the problem is, it doesn’t play the lower layer animation even if the upper layer have no keyframe (i expect it work like animation layer).
So for example if the Upper layer have animation on frame 100 - 200, and the lower layer have animation on frame 1 - 100, the object will keep still until it the playback hit frame 100, even tho frame 1- 99 not exported at all.
So… is there the proper way to do it? or it’s just not possible for now?

I do know that there is a way for USD Skeleton to have different animation and adjust the playback and timing in the sequencer, but it seems it doesn’t work for USD animation Cache

My workflow it kinda weird actually, i make the full animation (like 3 minutes) in a single blender file, around 5640 frames. Then i wanted to render it omniverse (since it is MUCH FASTER than Blender eevee) but unfortunately, i can’t export it in a single file, the export procedure is refuse to have more than 25 gb size in a single file 😅. The combined file is around 57 gb. So when i place it on the Create it will become two USD Layer and have a problem like a mention above. There is a simple workaround, that is toggle the upper layer on and off, but if i have many individual USD layers it can be a bit tedious.

Thank you

I guess you are using USD time sample animation. It’s very basic. You can’t do some advanced things due to its limitations. I recommend you use our sequencer extension. It’s included in Machinima application. You may also find it in Create. I’m not sure. It’s an animation composer like UE4 sequencer. We are still developing it. But for now it’s already a lot better than pure USD time samples. You can offset and scale animations, switch animations for characters, and so on. Go and try it. ^^

I See, I’ll try using machinima next time then.

Thank you!