Animation Extensions missing

I am continuing my exploration of Omniverse Create as a scene builder and renderer and have gotten to the stage where I want to animate the camera. I understand animation functionality is limited but saw there was some basic functionality that would work for camera animation per the documentation here. However when I search for “anim” in the Extensions Window nothing comes up. Are these disabled currently or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks for any help!

In looking more closely it seems I wouldn’t be able to do any basic animation keyframing for a camera within Omniverse currently even with these extensions. Am I correct in that assumption? So for now all camera animation would have to come over via USD?

Thanks again for any clarification!

There is some big updates coming for animation in the upcoming releases, including animation editor and sequencing.

There are some basic extensions we have now (not included in this update) from the docs, but don’t feel its ready enough yet.

Meanwhile you can animate cameras in Maya, UE4, Blender, etc… and bring them over to USD.

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Thank you for the insight! I am looking forward to future developments!

You can also use any tool with FBX and import that in Create directly

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I am a Blender user and just tested exporting a camera via USD - it worked well! Good to know FBX can work too.

We announced that we are working with Blender on USD support. Lot of great progress on the way.

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