Animation Menu missing


I am trying to create a simple constraint setup to rig a static car to the exported animation data from Maya.
On the tutorials/documentation I did find all information necessary to do the constraint.
The only thing is that on my crate install the “Animation” menu stays invisble no matter what layout settings etc. I try.

If someone could tell me how to make it visible I would be more than happy :-)

This is the menu I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @paulDryzen! I am asking the dev team where to find the Animation Constraints in Create. I was not able to find them myself.

I did find the Animation tools in the Omniverse App Machinima. I recommend that you try that application out while I chat with the developers about the animation tools in Create!

Hi @paulDryzen! I was just informed that Animation Constraints are not yet available in the latest version of Create. So you will need to use Machinima for Animation until the dev team pushes out an update for them.

Hey @WendyGram thanks for the info. I´ll try Machinima then.

Hi, I was really bumped out to find all the constrain goodness is inside Machinima, if I understood correctly we are going to have that soon as well inside Create right?