How do you constraint two objects in the new Create 2022-1.0?

Um…where’s the Contraint option in Create? Have they taken that off?

Glad you noticed! I believe constraints are a powerful feature of Omniverse, so it’s good that we have users like you who recognize their value!

You should be able to find the standard Xform Constraint (aka Transform Constraint) in the Extension Manager. It is distributed with the Create 2022.1 application, but not enabled by default.

We’re doing some major work on our constraint systems, and we simply didn’t get it all to completion by this release. I expect that you should see more constraint functionality in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Machinima should be out very very soon and it will contain our library of constraint systems.


I can’t find it under the extension manager. What is it exactly called?

Hello @Wintoons! I’m not able to find it either. I just messaged @relam for more help and I will post here when I hear back.

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Thanks :)