Keyframer missing in latest Create

In Create 2022.1.0 I see no more Windows / keyframer

What´s the deal? Is the new curve editor somehow replacing this?
I cannot use the camera pick focus function any more…


You can go to layout > animation.

yes, and that opens the curve editor:

I’m guessing they’ll probably leave that in Machinima. It’s a pity that’s it gone in Create. They’ve even taking the Constraint options off as well.
Still, I’m waiting for the Machinima update.

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if Constraint is gone, then there must be something really cool coming!

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Hey hey! I do see some keyframing functionality in the curve editor,

but I haven’t’ had a chance to play with the new version of Create to test this out. Also, I was told that the keyframer is still available as an extension, but I have not been able to find it. I am waiting to hear back on why that is.

Regarding our latest animation tools… our Machinima and Animation teams have been working on some really amazing animation tools that will be available as soon as the newest Machinima release launches! These tools will be available in Create as well as our other Omniverse applications. And friends, the technology going into our animation system is AMAZING and I am super excited about it! We wanted to ensure that you have the best experience possible with this latest version, so the development team has been working tirelessly fixing a couple of bugs before the new release launches. The release date, as I’ve been told, is only days away!


Best news ever, thanks Wendy!!!

Awesome news! Thanks for telling us Wendy! :)