Keyframer Extension is missing

Hello together,

I would like to play around with camera animation and the possibility to create videos of my scene.

The create docu references to an extension called “Keyframer” (sometime it is called “Camera animation” extension). But I can´t find that extension in create… is it missing from the latest deploxment?

Keyframer — Omniverse Create documentation (



As far as I understand, the Machinima is the app to do animations. I use that extension alt the time there :)

Thank you for the hint… it comes with Machinima… but I`ve not found any infomation about the fact that the extension is Machinima only…

The keyframer/camera animation tool are currently ahead of Create’s version of Kit and why they are only in Machinima currently. This was a unique update and in the future, all Machinima extensions will be available to Create.

Machinima will be a pre-setup area with all the extensions needed to do full cinematic animation, but we will not restrict you from enabling these extensions in Create (or Audio2Face for that matter!) in the future. Stay tuned for new updates of Create and Machinima that will make this all possible!

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Keyframer is now available in Create 2021.3 beta