Camera Animation

I animated my camera in Create using the keyframer extension. I saved the USD and opened it in Isaac. The play button in Isaac is not running the animation. How do I get this to work? I’d like to combine my camera motion with the synthetic data plugin and get segmentation masks out of the camera being moved.

@parrotdora I am curious if you open the saved USD in Create, does it run the animation?

Also, for both Create and Isaac Sim, can you share a screenshot of Edit->Preferences->Physics settings? Would be good to have a repro with simple scene (one or two cubes and a camera with animation)

The USD file does animate the camera in Create once opened again.

Isaac Sim


USD File
test_camera.usd (14.9 KB)

@parrotdora Thanks for sharing the sample USD file.

After digging into the Create app, the reason the USD file does animate the camera is because of the omni.anim.keyFramer extension which doesn’t exist in Isaac Sim and hence the camera animation doesn’t work as expected in Isaac Sim.

An alternate solution to try will be to use omni.recorder extension from Window->Extensions to record the animation in Create. To record animation, follow the below steps:

  1. Enable omni.recorder extension from the extension manager window
  2. In the Stage window, select the top level Xform (for example /World) that covers all prims that you want to record their movements
  3. Enable Recorder->Live Mode
  4. Press Recorder->Record to start recording
  5. Click Play to start camera animation
  6. Click Recorder->Stop Recording to stop recording
  7. Save as another USD from File->Save As...

Now, open the new saved USD in Isaac Sim and press Play to replay the recorded camera animation.