Missing animation tools in Create 2021.3.5

When I look in the Extensions and remove the @featured and look for animation options I get a list of only 5 options. Sequencer, Skeleton Joint, TimeSample Editor, AnimCurveData and Keyframer.
I am trying to find get the constraint tools that are in Machinima working in Create. The docs say " The transform constraint module is included in the extension omni.anim.xform_constraint
Where do I find that?

Hello @delfemail! I have notified both the Create and Machinima dev teams about this post. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi again @delfemail,

The development team has informed me that the constraint tools do not currently work in Create. They have a few bugs that they are still working on. The dev team is hoping to have this ready for the 2021.2 release of Machinima.

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