Curve Editor Issuec

Dear Nvidia Development Team,

I am writing to report a performance issue I’ve encountered while using [Composer/Machinima Tool] for scene creation. My workflow typically involves using a single camera to set multiple keyframes for scene cuts. However, I’ve observed that when the number of keyframes exceeds approximately 100 across a span of 5000 frames, the curve editor appears to malfunction or underperform significantly.

Specifically, the issue arises when manipulating the curve editor with this high number of keyframes, where it seems to become unresponsive or erratic. This has been a recurring challenge in my scene editing process, affecting the efficiency and output of my work.

To elaborate, here’s a brief overview of my workflow and the encountered issue:

  • Workflow: Utilizing one camera, I set numerous keyframes to execute scene cuts, aiming for continuity and seamless transitions in the animation/machinima.
  • Issue Encountered: Upon reaching a high keyframe count (100+ keyframes over 5000 frames), the curve editor starts to exhibit performance degradation or operational issues.

While I understand that handling a large number of keyframes might be demanding on the software, I believe the extent of the observed issue could be beyond typical performance limitations and might indicate a potential area for optimization or bug fixing, especially if this version of the tool is still in beta.

As an interim solution, I am considering transitioning to using multiple cameras for different scene segments. Nonetheless, I am keen on understanding whether this issue is recognized and if there are any recommended practices or upcoming fixes that might address it.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and am willing to provide further details or participate in additional testing if it can assist in resolving this issue. Thank you for your continued efforts in enhancing the [Composer/Machinima Tool] experience.

If this happens to cameras and lights, this is an issue for any animated object beyond cameras and lights.

Best regards,


This looks like an Omniverse issue. I will move your topic over to the correct forum for visibility.

Thanks for letting us know. I have talked with you about this on the discord server. I will look into this as a bug, but as I said before, this is not the correct workflow. Keep your camera purely moving through physical space and smooth, and leave the “cut scenes” to either an external editing program or use our Camera Sequencer. The camera sequencer is designed completely for this kind of approach. Each “shot” needs it own camera. Then you can combine shots together in sequencer and leave the cameras free to just move through the space.

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