USD issues between Create and UE4



  • Collaborating between Create and UE4, some USD files display textures, others do not. All assets are from the sample projects included with Create.

More detail:

  • I’m testing collaboration between Omniverse Create (2021.3.5) and Unreal Engine (4.26).
  • I have the right connector installed through Omniverse Launcher.
  • The two apps are talking to each other, including live scene updates
  • USD transfer complete with textures clearly works between Create and UE4 for any assets sourced from Old Attic, Flight, Astronaut sample projects
  • However, anything from the Marbles set shows up as geometry only.

Any ideas?

The Marbles assets use DDS block-compressed textures. Unreal does not have a DDS BC importer, so the textures do not import properly.


Thank you, that clears things up :)

We added the ability to import BC DDS textures with the 104.3 version of the Unreal Engine Connector. See the forum post for details.