Texture files compatible with Omniverse

I’m opening an USD with many textures in .exr and .rat files.
Are those formats compatible with Create or any other Omniverse’s tool?

Hello @argie.forever, thanks for joining the forums! Create does support exr. I am not familiar with .rat files. What are those used for? Since this is in the Unreal Engine forum, I’m assuming you were unable to open this USD with the Unreal Connector. Can you provide the version you are using? Thank you!

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Sorry! Wrong forum! LOL
I was browsing and posted without realizing I was on Unreal.
It was on Create itself. Is a very complex VFX scene.
I’ll post where it belong.
BTW, .rat is Random Access Texture. I understand is a format primarily intended for renders, and a bunch of paths in that USD end in one of these.

@argie.forever No worries, and thank you for joining the forums!

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