How to develop assets for Omniverse?

How can I develop 3D assets like 3D Models and PBR Textures that are compatible with Omniverse? Does the current PBR Textures (the ones with different bitmap images) work in Omniverse? And do the FBX 3D models work in Omniverse?

Hello @user126100! Welcome to the Community and thanks for your questions! I am working on finding you answers. I will post back here shortly!

Hello @user126100.

Omniverse supports several file formats, but they must be converted to USD to be used in the Omniverse ecosystem properly. We support FBX, OBJ, and GLTF. Here is our documentation with more information: Asset Importer — Omniverse Create documentation

Omniverse supports OmniPBR materials. Here is a link to the documentation on materials: Materials — Omniverse Create documentation