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we´ve build an own connector for Omniverse. This connector converts assets like geometries etc. to USD when needed. At the moment is supports obj and openctm. Now we have some GLB-assets we habe to convert. When importing this GLB file with Create everything works like expected including animations etc.

But I would like to make the conversion in the connector and not within kit. What library does the asses-importer-plugin for kit use? Is it possible to use that library directly in my connector? Is there some kind of documentation for that library? Or does Nvidia (or any other) provide a c++ library that can convert GLB/GLTF to USD?



Perhaps it would be possible to release the headerfiles for omniverse_asset_converter.dll, so we can use it inside a connector.

Even better: Include omniverse_asset_converter.dll to omni client library… I think that would make sense, becuase importing assets it one of the main tasks inside a connector, so it would make sense to provide a robust way to do it.



Hi Carl. At SIGGRAPH this year, we announced that we would be sharing our glTF/USD FileFormat plugin. I think that will cover what you’re asking for. More info here: Universal Scene Description as the Language of the Metaverse | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Alternatively, have you considered just referencing the glTF files in USD? Then you don’t need to do any conversion. The FileFormat plugin in Omniverse will take care of it at runtime.

Hi Mati,

referencing gltf-files directly sound good… but what about the other formats? Our customers have many different formats. And what about performance… converting them once vs. every time at runtime?

I´ve written a (very) small kit-script and now I just run kit with this converter script to convert the assets. But I´m not really happy with this temp-file-mess… and the other problem is, that the converter plugin seems to be part of create and not just plain kit… this would mean that we require a create installation on our servers… just for converting assets.

Perhaps it would make sense to move the asset convert extension to kit (instead of bundling it with create)?

The best solution (from my point of view) would be to make omniverse_asset_converter.dll part of omniclient… or at least release distribute it with lib and header files…



The response from the dev team is that the glTF file format plugin can be used when it is released. The rest of the asset conversion libraries are a part of Kit and not Connectors. They may re-evaluate this in the future. Thank you.

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