How can I use Omniverse API to make a Revit RVT to USD converter?

I am quite new to Omniverse but I wanted to utilize the CAD converter CAD Converter — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

I want to convert RVT to USD files. But I am unsure what I would even need as the API documentation is needlessly clunky. Does anyone know what I can do to make this simple program in the API?

@lachlanmcdonald11 i am just another OV user, but my understanding is that there’s already a Revit Connector in the Exchange section of the Launcher:

you can find the manual here - Revit — Omniverse Connect latest documentation. unless you are thinking of making one tailored to your pipeline?

alternatively, you can use the CAD converter directly inside the OV app of your choosing. you may need to install and enable it from your extension manager first, however:

  1. access the extension manager through the Window menu:

  2. search for CAD Converter extension in the search field (rather than scrolling through every single extension), then activate by pushing the knob to the right until they show green (as enabled):

I wanted to access the API because I am hoping to automate the process with Omniverse with converting Revit Projects to USD, but making a new USD file whenever I call it in my script. This is because I am making code that goes over a few variations of materials and different designs, so it would be extremely tiresome to do manually for each one

Basically I understand what you want .
So if you want to access API ,you should write your own revit export plugin in revit product.
Since only this way you could get data from revit system which as same as OVE revit connector did.
It seems no easy way to use API call revit and get data then send to OVE system so far .

You can use the REVIT OV Connector do make several variations very easily. We fully support variations inside of USD Composer. There is no need to write any new code. We do have an “API” for this yet. We have a connector.