Can I use Omniverse to create custom assets?

Can I use Omniverse to create custom assets? For example, just like Omniverse has sample assets such as flowers and trees, can I make my own flowers and trees using this software?

Hello @ccrump1! What Omniverse does is it gets all of your favorite 3D modeling tools to communicate with each other using the same language - USD.

Currently, Create does not have the ability to create the assets that you can produce with a 3D asset creator. You can use your favorite 3D modeling tool (Blender, Maya, 3dsMax…etc) and import/export assets between these applications using the USD file format. Omniverse doesn’t want to replace the tools you already know, it wants to enhance them, improve your current workflow, give you the ability to customize your environment (Extensions) based on your needs, all while integrating our technologies to give you gorgeous real-time ray tracing renders.

You can check out our documentation for Create here: Create Overview — Omniverse Create documentation

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