Omniverse Create - Blender - Needing a custom world/stage


I am working on developing some autonomous ground vehicles for a specific environment. At this point I am a little overwhelmed with the choices and options ahead of me. On the one hand, looking at blender, the learning curve seems steep and I am getting lost quick. Omniverse Create is lacking some critical documentation like how to create the actual world and shapes within it. They have some great videos about applying materials to objects but even those don’t work as advertised.

What are you guy doing to create stages?



My understanding is that Omniverse has almost no tools to create/manipulate meshes. It is meant to be used either with a decent library of objects/meshes, or with a corresponding tool like Blender/3ds Max.

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I agree. I am going through learning Blender so that I can train my AGVs in the environment they would operate in. I think this detail is grossly misrepresented in the sizzle videos and overview documentation.

It should read more like:

With Omniverse Create/Issack Sim, you can use a couple of out provided examples. Users can also have an entire team of 3D modeling experts to import meshes and textures to create a simulation environment. Or spend several hours learning Blender or equivalent software. Then get back to the business of building robotics.

Either way, I still find it way better than Gazebo and what ROS provides normally.