I just spent over an hour seeing Unity’s 2019 keynote. Omniverse is a collaborative engine? , I am not obliged in addition to Blender, to learn Unity, before Omniverse? I know, the question can be silly, but if I can shorten my learning, I’m not against

Omniverse takes 3D production applications (called Connectors) and converts them into the USD file format. This allows all of your tools to communicate within the Omniverse ecosystem using the same Universal language. So you can easily and seamlessly import / export and share with multiple users between the different supported applications.

So yes, you do need to learn how to use your 3D production applications such as Blender or Unity (we currently do not have a Unity Connector).

To see a list of our current connectors > Connect Overview — Omniverse Connect documentation

Hello, thank you for having answered me, I was rightly lost between the equivalent functionalities, so in my eyes competing between Blender, Unity and Omniverse, next to machine learning is Tétris x Skyrim (yes a little bit of humor )