Can we create game using omniverse apps and publish them to PlayStation?

my company intended to create games (VR and non-VR) for PlayStation using NVidia Omniverse.
Is it possible, I searched the internet and did not get direct answer.

Hi @kislay.sharma and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I think I let the Omniverse experts answer that, let me move your post to the correct category.

I can also recommend joining the Omniverse Discord!


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Hi, Omniverse is an excellent companion to any development pipeline but it is not a runtime engine that can be deployed on consoles. Where Omniverse would fit in the game development pipeline would be to facilitate level building, collaborate on large scenes with multiple users and bring in assets from any digital content creation tool. With connectors for Unreal Engine and Unity you could leverage Omniverse to accelerate your game asset development.

Here is an example of Omniverse connecting different content creation software to accelerate scene development. Unreal Engine City of Brass Multi-Application Omniverse Workflow Tutorial with Sir Wade Neistadt - YouTube

Here are game development specific sessions: