Monetization and Dsitribution of Omniverse Apps

In omniverse webpage this setence got my atention, I would like some help to understand it.

Developers can sell their own Apps, Extensions, Microservices, or Connectors on their own, or be featured in the Omniverse Exchange. Developers are not able to distribute any NVIDIA-developed Omniverse Apps, Extensions, or Microservices, nor Omniverse Nucleus or Omniverse Kit.

Does this means, I can not distribute any omniverse app that is based on a current omnivers app like Create?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Your question will be best served in the Omniverse category, I have moved it over for you.


Hello @icaro.lelis! If you create an app for the Omniverse platform, yes you can distribute it! If you want to create an app that is similar to Create, you can certainly welcome to do that!


Maybe a stupid question but what does omniverse kit include because we can’t distribute that? Does that mean that for example in a python application I can’t use import omni.kit. What about this kit project template? And also the development tool called kit?