I would like to know the Custom Extension Apps Licensing Guide


I know that a Create license is required when developing Kit-based extensions and apps.

Based on Omniverse Enterprise, more than 3 users created KIT-based applications,

If a View License user wants to use an app created in this way. (as an Extension in View, etc.) In this case, do View users also need a Create license?

Extensions are available on all kit based apps, they can be used in Create or View or any other kit based app you have a license for (including the free “standard” license).

Extensions are not application dependent, they will work on any app that uses the same kit version, they aren’t tied to licenses.

Omniverse is free to develop on so you can use Omniverse Create (Soon to be renamed USD Composer) or better yet Omniverse Code which is specifically configured for developers to create them, you may also freely distribute them as you wish.