Question about Collaboration in Omniverse - Does it have video conferencing and Text Chat?

I am am setting up a new Omniverse Server for myself and client demo to get my customers excited about the new realtime collaboration features.

One client creates sit-stand desks, computer monitor arms and accessories. The have a full-line of office equipment for hospitals and the medical industry. I want to help them move from 2D to 3D for augmented reality shopping, 3D product simulations, imaging of their products in a 3D virtual hospital, 3D virtual events, etc.

The first project is to help them ramp up sales and education for their Covid-19 vaccination carts. We need to create 3D models of the cart and animate them for sales, training and virtual events. This is a very important project for the company and their clients that will help save lives the quicker we can develop the training simulator.

To get this project started my first question is how does collaboration actually work in Omniverse?

Does Omniverse have video conferencing and Text Chat inside the Omniverse?

I see NVIDIA has adopted WebRTC and also has NVIDIA Broadcast.

My need is to offer a standardized Omniverse capable server with full video, text and creative application collaboration (video, text) and project management collaborative tools.

The next question is once we have created our 3D assets, animations and experiences, how do we stream to a web based zero download of an application for Android and iOS mobile phones / tablets?

I am looking into: Streaming for VR and AR with CloudXR SDK | NVIDIA

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tim

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Hi Tim, thank you for posting. Great questions! I can help a ton on many front end collaboration questions. For backend I can help answer basic questions but others will need to hop in if you need more technical details. Same goes for the CloudXR. That said…

Great use case! As you know you can connect your DCC apps to Omniverse enabling realtime collaborative design/decision making.

Collaboration requires a shared Nucleus server that all stakeholders have access to. If you’re on the same network, it’s super easy to connect provided the proper ports are not blocked and your Nucleus server has sharing enabled

Default ports are listed in the Nucleus server documentation and configurable from the Nucleus web interface.

It sounds like you’re wanting to collaborate with stakeholders outside your network. In this case you can set up a Docker on AWS/Azure. Check this page for Docker overview/instructions.

In the past I’ve used VPN tunneling to test collaboration with external stakeholders however at this time I can’t recommend this solution as it’s unclear how secure it actually is.

As I said others will be along to answer your remain questions or clarify this one. I’m posting this in the hopes you’re familiar enough with Docker to set up a remote server.

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I found this: Amazon AWS AppStream 2.0 . It looks like we could set up Docker on AWS as you suggested and video conferencing with AWS Appstream.