Virtual worlds for art and architecture

I have found a lot of information about Nvidia Omniverse for enterprise collaboration.
At the moment, though, I couldn’t find anything regarding the platform’s use as a collaborative virtual world, particularly for the creation and the fruition of works of art and architecture.
For example, it would be interesting to create educational spaces and places for sharing art and architecture. I mean social rooms, virtual museums, academic classrooms, conference spaces, and so on.

But I didn’t understand if this platform is suitable for these uses. For example, I didn’t understand the maximum number of people who can enter a space simultaneously. I didn’t know if we can use this platform as a virtual world that is open also to the public for fruition.
I am a virtual sculpture and architecture professor in Milan, and I would like to understand if there are already groups for university collaboration for Nvidia Omniverse.

I would like to understand if it will be possible to use this platform for art exhibitions open to the public. And how many concurrent users can be in the spaces at once.
I am working on a project for online museums and galleries, and I would be happy to contact someone to exchange ideas about using this platform for these purposes.
Probably it will be necessary to develop Apps because I don’t know if this platform already hosts any virtual public reality. And I don’t know if there’s any project to set it up yet.

Thanks to whoever can give me some indication.


Hi Gianpiero!

Welcome to the Omniverse Community.

If I understand your questions correctly, are you looking at Omniverse (OV) to be a world generator or are you looking to connect existing worlds?

OV is a platform for simulation and collaboration, with connectors to 3rd party applications. You can create an environment on the platform and have others connect to it. To do that, the others would need to have OV on their systems, and then the Nucleus server would be running in the cloud with which all the other users would connect to.

Probably best to have a phone call and we can discuss what you’re after and how we can help you. My email is - please drop me a line and we can set something up.



Great Richard, thank you for your response.
I will write you an email.

See you soon.