My online abstract art gallery - omiverse, metaverse?


I’m an emerging abstract artist and I make handmade abstract art that I’m showing online on my website at I’m a little tech savvy too and experimenting with AI etc. I want to showcase my abstract art online from the perspective of someone walking through my own gallery and my art is hanging framed on the wall. Ideally the person looking at the art sees information popping up about the piece when looking at the art piece.

I would love help finding out the right platform or developer app I should use to make this. If I’m right there’s a lot of free developing online on this platform? Also let me know if you want to help me develop this!

I believe the NVIDIA tech has the potential to accelerate the independent artist movement free from the old art establishment helping artists thrive independently.

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Malou HB

I think I need to download the USD omniverse to build my own art gallery? Can someone confirm or point me in the right direction with also downloads :D

Or do I need to use Nerf?

Help to get started or collabs is so much appreciated

Yes you can use USD Composer to build a digital twin of your art gallery. But this is just for lighting, materials and cameras. For the actual geometry, you need to build it in a CAD DCC program, like Blender, Maya, Max, Revit etc.

Thanks for your reply. A few follow up questions. Can I access these programs for free? I was expecting the tech to be easy to apply especially because of AI’s possibility to design based on promps. Am I wrong to think this? I got the impression the programs were user friendly free to use as to promote the technical advancement of it.

They are free to use, yes.

Great. Can you please help me find the link to download the right programs. I have been looking at the download sections but all I see is link referring to something else. Which programs would you recommend are most user friendly to build a digital art gallery walls and put my own art on the walls digitally (photographs of my art). Thank you so much for your help!!

Well again you will need to actually model the gallery yourself in your own CAD or DCC application like Blender, Maya, Max etc. We can only help you with the rendering side of things here, with USD Composer. Omniverse Platform for OpenUSD Development and Collaboration | NVIDIA