Pricing: $25.000 for the nucleus server!?

We are a small company with 4 artists using Max/Vray/Unity and were looking forward to use Omniverse.
But $25.000 for the server + $1800 per user/year definately kills the dream.

Yeah second this. I would need clarity about what base features will be in the free version before I invest anymore resources. Are we talking an Epic games indie/creator type license?

Team Green clarity please.

Hm yeah. We were considering jumping on the wagon as well since Omniverse looks like a great choice for our new startup in the virtual live events space. But then I saw the enterprise pricing and pretty much had an aneurysm. I’m still reeling from the shock now actually. *** $25,000 *** per year for a server PLUS $1,500 per seat? As a team of 4 just starting out we’d never be able to justify those prices.

Also could someone from Nvidia please clarify exactly what is “open” about the platform. Is it fully open source? Does it run on third party GPU’s? Can anyone self-host their own Nucleus server in the cloud if they wish to get their hands dirty and don’t require enterprise-grade managed hosting and support? Or is the “open” part simply referring to an ability to create open connectors and extensions into a walled garden. “Garden” being a little generous. “Extortion Zone” is more in line with what I’m feeling right now to be perfectly honest.

We’re aware of the talk of a “community edition” and have also read that the Omniverse platform and “some of the base functionality” will remain free for individual artists. While I can see some benefit to this for an individual a collaboration platform with one person and limited features seems awful sad really at the end of the day and wouldn’t really apply to our use-case anyway.

Nvidia you are ahead of the pack and have built something remarkable on top of Pixar’s work. Nothing short of a paradigm shift really which has the potential to revolutionize 3D creation, simulation and visualization workflows. Please don’t squeeze out the little guys bringing grass-roots innovation and vibrancy to the platform. Is the intention to build a world-changing, inclusive and ubiquitous 3D ecosystem or just milk everyone for as much as you can before the rest of the world catches up?

Nothing personal by the way (: Quite the opposite I’ve been happily developing code for Nvidia hardware for over 20 years. From the information released so far it’s looking like we might just move along, wait for an open alternative and leave this one to the car giants though.


Myself as well, also looking for more info on educational pricing (I teach at a local university) but if educational is anything like enterprise, I guess we can forget it.

However I just want to echo what Ben said, this is really an amazing new platform that builds on so much of our common historical foundations [i.e.Pixar tech] and it would be a shame to see at all just go to waste without valuable input & action from universities, smaller startups/studios, and basically anyone who can’t afford $25K.

Thanks for the feedback - The pricing mentioned here isn’t final, so please standby.
We will be providing clarity and more flexible pricing later this coming week. Our goal is to have a flexible model for small shops - I think your concerns will be addressed.

  • NVIDIA Omniverse platform, now in open beta, will always be free for individuals to create.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a new platform offering that helps businesses of any size transform their 3D production workflows. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is an end-to-end remote collaboration and true-to-reality simulation platform, optimized and certified by NVIDIA to run on NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

GM Omniverse

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Thanks Richard, always good to get some mothership feedback here in the forums.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response and that’s really great to hear. We will await the updated pricing structure and very much hope to get going from there.

And apologies if I went in a little hard before it was mostly borne out of disappointment as Omniverse is such a good fit for our use case and we’re keen to get started.


Hi Ben,

No worries at all. We’re listening to all feedback, passive & passionate :-)

More to come!