NVIDIA Omniverse™ Nucleus Cloud


There is not much information regarding the new Nucleus Cloud, how it differs from existing Nucleus, its uses and limitation or setup/hardware requirements needed ? Thanks

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Hello @DavidDPD! Omniverse Nucleus Cloud enables “one-click-to-collaborate” simple sharing of large Omniverse 3D scenes, meaning artists can collaborate from across the room or the globe without transferring massive datasets. Changes made by the artist are reflected back to the client — like working on a cloud-shared document — but for a 3D scene.

I currently don’t have any informaton on limitations, setup, or hardware requirements, but you can sign up for the Nucleus Cloud Early Access Program

But how is the new nucleus cloud different from the original omniverse nucleus?

hello @DavidDPD
Omniverse allows one to create a Nucleus server within your organization (perhaps on prem). But if you do not want to host/buy the servers, manage Nucleus, etc Then NVIDIA Nucleus Cloud will allow you to use NVIDIA hosted servers. Will allow you to create assets that can be collaborated on by many users. The servers/data will be hosted for you.

The Nucleus server for workstation (included in the free version of Omniverse) is something you install on your own workstation to use locally. This Nucleus server hosts your files, enables live sync between apps and up to 2 users simultaneously.

There is also Nucleus Enterprise which is part of OVE that can also be installed in your facility but adds company secure sign-on and handles large numbers of users (using creative application licenses).

Nucleus cloud is essentially the enterprise nucleus but we host it in the cloud for you, users would log in to collaborate while making use of local caching for performance. This allows you to use Nucleus in the cloud for a project (similar to dropbox) rather than having to host your own server on your infrastructure. This is an early access test only in order to evaluate a possible future release.

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