How can I transfer Nucleus data between computers/platform

Hi, I’ve using this amazing omniverse for a while and have already stored some assets in my local nucleus.

Now I’m wondering is it possible to transfer these assets data to another machine, as well as across the platform, from win10 to ubuntu(or other Linux distributions), or is it only support by Enterprise? and how to do it.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @CeaserWayneCSW! Happy to hear you’ve been using Omniverse! I have a few questions on what you are trying to do.

Have you set up a Nucleus Workstation?
Are you able to access your local Nucleus server on your Win10 machine from your Linux machine?

Thanks, I’ve already figure out the solution, according to Administration — Omniverse Nucleus documentation
For now, I’m using Nucleus Worksation distribution for personal development and some experiment, and just using rsync or manaully copy works fine for me, but if the Enterprise distribution can support some more powerful data emigration policy, we will consider it when data quantity grows larger.