Omniverse pipelines not free anymore

Hello, I have been having so many problems with the Nucleus service, since I can not access any USD file now due to strange errors that were not in the past, I used to work with Audio2Face and Unreal engine but I can not anymore.

Looking around I found there’s a new version called, Omniverse Enterprise Launcher which actually includes a full set of connectors for so many applications.

I think I have to pay now for what I was working for. But to be honest, is very expensive for me, here is a photo of the price.

The minimum I have to pay to work with the USD files for A2F would be 4000 USD, maybe this is the reason why we all are having problems finding the USD files we use to work with.

I just wonder if I am mistaken or if there is any possibility we can keep working with the USD files without beign a wealthy company that can pay 4000USD.

Thank you for your time.

Hello @EnocSoto! You do not need the Enterprise license to access these connectors. You have full access to all of the features Omniverse offers FREE on your individual license. If you have a small team or company that needs a dedicated server, then I am happy to direct you to someone you can contact for the Enterprise license. Otherwise, OMNIVERSE HAS FREE FULL ACCESS to all individual licenses!

What type of issues are you running into?

Awwww, thank you very much, I was so sad when I was thinking I had to pay, but my Monday has just turn happy again XD.

Thank you very much, If you can direct me with someone that would be extremely helpful, I can send any log errors or whatever is needed to fix it.

Thankyou for your quick response.

I used to work with the Audio 2 Face, I used to work with the USD filein order to export it to metahumans on Unreal Engine (the classic blue guy).

I will attach a photo of what is showing now, I can not access the USD file, it was on my Nucleus but now it has some errors showing, I have made a fresh install but I can not use it yet.

@EnocSoto There’s a yellow warning tag next to your localhost server in the content browser.

Are you logged into your Nucleus localhost with a proper login?

Can we get your error logs from A2F and Nucleus please?

Sure, this is the Nucleus Log:
Nucleus.log (1016.2 KB)

And this is the A2F log:
A2F_kit_20221114_110048.log (495.2 KB)

This is also me, as admin/admin login

And omniverse/omniverse

By the way, @dlindsey , I found a problem with the cache this morning, you may need this info

@EnocSoto can you please validate for me what version of Nucleus you are running, and that it is up to date?

You can do this in your Launcher, in the Nucleus tab. It will report the version next to the Local Nucleus Service.

We’ve created a ticket internally to try and figure out the issue with the log.

Usually, you don’t need to restart your computer on Nucleus install, but it would be good to validate and check the settings again. This seems Nucleus didn’t start properly.

Sure @dlindsey , this is the version (2022.3.0)

And here I am double checking the settings

And here is the log again:
Nucleus (3).log (1.3 MB)
Cache.log (118.7 KB)

@EnocSoto Have you updated to the new version of Nucleus and cache (please make sure to update them both). We have new Nucleus 2022.4.1.

I will try and come back with the reply, thanks