With the announcement of Omniverse Enterprise, will Omniverse become a subscription service?

I somehow missed the news regarding Omniverse Enterprise, and upon reading this article, a paragraph stood out:
"It follows the launch three months ago of an open beta for individuals, which has been downloaded by nearly 17,000 users. The Omniverse platform is scheduled to be available this summer as a subscription-based, per-seat service.

The wording makes it sound as if though Omniverse will only be useable with a paid subscription per seat. Is this correct?

edit: The FAQ on the Omniverse Enterprise section seems to support this as well.

From the FAQ:
NVIDIA Omniverse Open Beta is available for individuals and community members to test the beta version of the SDK. Support is available through public forums and a series of online tutorials.”

For individuals, you can continue to use the Omniverse Beta as is. For enterprise customers, there is an Omniverse Enterprise Version coming this summer that includes features for deploying in an enterprise setup, SSO authentication, enterprise support and scalable docker installations. More information coming soon.