Will Omniverse stay free to use?

First I’d like to say how happy and excited I am for Omniverse. I think it is a very elegant solution to many different problems with regards to digital content creation.

I do have some concerns regarding Nvidia’s longer term plans for Omniverse? How long is it estimated to stay in beta? Are there plans to monetize this? What is the business model that’s driving this innovation? What types of risk are we incurring by investing our resources into this?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help share some light on these questions. (I apologize in advance if this information is readily available and I just haven’t been able to find it yet.)

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Hi mattc1,

Thanks for your interest. I’ll run this by some people and get you an answer.

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Hi @mattc1, All good questions! Unfortunately not easy to answer. Because I don’t want to leave you hanging, here is the information I have available. Please watch the Keynote at GTC for more information. #1 AI Conference | GPU Technology Conference | NVIDIA

How long is it estimated to stay in beta?

Not long

Are there plans to monetize this?

Yes, but we have no details available on this yet.

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That’s rather shocking news that NVidia is planning to monetize OV. I assumed this OV offering was a way of adding value to purchasing a NVidia GPU versus buying a GPU from its competitors.

Ampere GPU’s already cost the same, if not more than an entire Computer System - knowing that I can leverage that NVidia GPU purchase to extend its value thru OV was a nice benefit - but now that added benefit seems to be headed for paywall.

To my knowledge the preferred gpu’s to run Omniverse are not available on most of the major cloud service providers. I’m speculating that Nvidia’s plans are to create their own cloud service solution that provides the necessary hardware for using Omniverse optimally and that this will be the business model for Omniverse moving forward.

I also understand that there are currently problems with manufacturing enough GPU’s to meet the growing demands. That most of the factories that would be used to do this are currently being redirected to create chips for the automotive industry.

it’s entirely possible that I’m operating with incorrect, or incomplete information.

I guess we’ll need to wait and see how much gets clarified with the Keynote at this years GTC.

Thanks mattc1, that does indeed make a lot of sense.

I’d be interested in cloud platforms that support OV, as an alternative in trying to keep local hardware up to spec. and beefy enough.

No need to worry Daryl. We will likely have some sort of community edition of Omniverse when we get out of Beta.

We want everyone to have to enjoy RTX and amazing physics simulation!