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I’m currently working at a company that is planning to set up an NVIDIA OVX server. However, we have a couple of questions that we could not find any answer to them on the NVIDIA website.
Our main concern is the deployment process for the server, we are wondering if anyone in the community could provide us with a manual or guidelines for setting up an OVX server.
Additionally, we’re curious about the possibility of running multiple instances of Omniverse on this server given that it comes with 8 GPUs. Specifically, we’re wondering if it’s feasible for 8 team members to work on separate Omniverse instances simultaneously, with each person utilizing their dedicated GPU. Could anyone shed some light on how GPU memory is shared in such setups?
Lastly, we’re also interested in understanding more about parallelization when it comes to deploying Omniverse instances on multiple GPUs. How can we optimize resource usage and performance in this context?

@toufic.kashmar i wouldn’t be of much help here, but would just like to point out that presumably you are already at the OV enterprise level, you could get dedicated official enterprise support and have them address the specific questions you may have on both software and hardware. that is, in case you can’t get all of your questions addressed here from the helpful devs 🙂

How can I contact the enterprise team if I’m not a member of the enterprise? I completed the “get in touch” form on ovx but haven’t received a response yet.

stay tuned, some assistance should be on the way.

Thanks @Simplychenable !

Quick update for you @toufic.kashmar : if you have not heard back yet, you should be receiving direct communication from the support team shortly.


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