Run Omniverse Create on server remotely using VNC

Hi there,

I have a ubuntu server with Nvidia GPUs. I want clients to be able to run Omniverse apps remotely. To do this, I have configured the VNC server on the ubuntu server. But the problem is when users connect to the server by ‘vncviewer’, they cannot launch Omniverse apps. I found that the ‘nvidia-setting’ shows a blank screen. The following is the result of ‘nvidia-smi’:

I have also tried with ‘xrdp’ remote desktop
I would truly appreciate your time considering my case.

Hello @matin.moezzi1!

If you are trying to setup a server that allows 3rd party customers to connect to it, this feature is not be supported with a standard Nucleus Workstation. You might want to consider setting up an Omniverse Enterprise account which will give you access to the Enterprise Nucleus Server where people can connect to your private cloud behind a VPN.

Another update from the dev team:

There are many flavors of VNC servers and some do not use the GPU to create a desktop, so there is no hardware acceleration. Plus it can be an issue of “no monitor” plugged, where GPUs stop working when no screen is attached.

Yes, right. Thank you for your response.

I’m in a similar situation as matin.moezzi1.

I’d like to understand how to get omniverse working for remote connections to a server where all the GPUs are.

Does NVIDIA offer any guidance on how to do this? Your devs mentions that some VNC tools don’t allow pass-through… do you have a list that do support pass-through?

I’m in the process of purchasing the Enterprise licenses and I’ll have a headless server with all the GPUs. So, how will my team be able to remote into the server and use OV Create and/or Isaac Sim?

Thanks for any information you can share on this.

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Hi @grep-R
VNC servers like tigervnc and tightvnc create a virtual x server display that does not render GPU engines and API such as PhysX and Vulkan. Accordingly, you cannot run OV apps using these virtual vnc servers. However, X11vnc or x0vncserver share the real x display in which you can run OV but it needs the graphics card to be connected to a monitor (if you want to run in non-headless mode). Moreover, VirtualGl is a tool that enables you to render OpenGL in virtual vnc servers, but OV apps are not based on OpenGL but on PhysX and Vulkan. As a result, you cannot run OV in virtual vnc servers.
The other option is to execute some OV apps like IsaacSim in the headless mode which does not need the graphics card to be connected to a monitor.

Thanks for posting and asking this question. It’s actually one that we get fairly often.

Two applications that many of us use for exactly this purpose are:

NICE DCV - NICE DCV - High-End Remote Desktop | 2D/3D support | NI SP
Teradici -

Both of them work very well for this purpose.