Unable to run Omniverse on Ubuntu

Hi, I am trying to install Omniverse on an Ubuntu Linux server that I can only access remotely thru Putty and does not have a monitor connected. I installed the necessary packages and am using xvfb to mimic a monitor. When I try to run the following command: “xvfb-run ./omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage”, it gets hung on “Initialized”. There are several VK_KHR errors that Im not sure how to resolve or if they have any impact on being able to run Omniverse. Please view the image attached and advise why it is being hung on “Initialized”.

Yes it does not like your virtual setup. Can you first connect a physical monitor. Second can you make sure you are using the latest Ubuntu video drivers. Third, make sure Putty supports GPU accelerated passthrough. Finally make sure you have a good vGPU driver installed.

Putty is SSH, and you can’t run visual apps that require a GUI with SSH. You need to use any virtual desktop app, like VNC, RDP, etc

Awesome, that’s what I was thinking but wanted to confirm. I will follow your steps and try using VNC viewer and get back to you here. Thanks again!